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This website is owned and operated by UK Chaperone Service and is for people who work in broadcast and non broadcast situations with children who sing, act, dance or another type of performance. The website is separate to any account you may have with The UK Chaperone Service main website.

UK Chaperone Service on location in Madagascar with CBBC

UK Chaperone Service on location in Madagascar with CBBC

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If you are working with children and you’d like to know more about production and chaperone techniques then The UK Chaperone Service Training website is for you.

Local authorities, we’d like to work with you, you could offer this training to your prospective/current chaperones for FREE, contact us for more details. Lets all work together so all chaperones have passed the same qualifications.

People who work with the BBC, ITV, C4, CITV, Cbeebies, CBBC or any of the hundreds of independent production companies all trust the work The UK Chaperone Service offer.

Whether you’re working in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Bristol, or another part of the UK or in fact world wide, the training we provide is second to none.